Immigration Visa Lawyer

Obtain Appropriate Visas

Obtain an appropriate visa to live in the USA. We’ll help you with the process required to apply for an immigrant visa, whether you want to live in the US permanently. Get guidance to apply for other visas for reasons such as work, study, or tourism.

Assisting for Decades Now

At the law office of Pierce Law Office, we have been helping individuals and businesses complete the necessary and appropriate visa work for several decades now. We have a good understanding of the process and can make sure all required documentation is gathered. Besides, we will help with paperwork and initiate appropriate action.

Do I Need to Hire a Michigan Immigrant Visa Attorney?

Like many aspects of the legal system, you do not need to hire a lawyer to guide you through the process. However, because the process is complex and slow, working with an attorney can help ensure your application moves through the system appropriately.

Contact an Experienced Ann Arbor Immigration Lawyer

Once you have an immigrant visa or any other appropriate visa, you will likely have many more questions. Many people want to know how quickly they can start to work and whether they should apply for a Social Security card. If you have questions about an existing immigrant visa, or if you want to apply for one, contact us to schedule your consultation.

Providing Prompt Answers

We know that the process can be confusing at times. But we take the time to answer the many questions that you may have. The questions can be any of those mentioned here.

  • Where do I go to get the visa?
  • What is the specific process for the U.S. consulate in the country in which I will obtain my visa?
  • What documents do I need to make sure I have with me?
  • Who can or cannot be at the application interview?
  • What questions will be asked at the interview?
  • If my visa is denied, what should I do?
  • If they say I need more documentation, what should I do?
  • How long will the visa be valid?
  • What happens if I get an employment-based visa, but I lose my job while I'm abroad?
  • What if I apply for a family visa, but my fiancé/fiancée no longer wants to marry me?

Michigan Green Card Lawyer

Applying for Permanent Residence

Many people are eligible to become permanent residents of the U.S. It is often called having a Green Card. While many people live for years or even decades in the U.S. as permanent residents, others would prefer to be U.S. citizens. Set up a consultation with an experienced attorney to answer all your questions and evaluate your situation.

Live & Work in the USA

A Green Card holder is an immigrant who can live and work in the United States permanently. For most people, having a Green Card is a required first step to U.S. citizenship. At the law office of Pierce Law Office, we have been helping many in Michigan and throughout the US to obtain Green Cards.

Review Applications

When clients contact us, we assist them with every step of the process. Our team gathers the documents needed and review whether the immigration is employment-based or family-based. We help understand what steps must be completed at each step of the process.

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney

The immigration and nationality laws in the United States are complex. The process of obtaining the correct type of visa for your situation may cause confusion. By working with our firm, you have the benefit of knowing the possible outcome of the application. We’ll complete and file the application correctly.

Over 25 Years of Experience

With more than 25 years of legal experience, we understand the complex requirements that accompany getting a Green Card. We explain to clients what they need to do to receive their permanent residence cards. Our team helps clients understand if there are any weaknesses in their applications.

Flawless Applications

Green Card applications are often not always approved the first time they are submitted. Working with a lawyer helps ensure your application is as close to perfect as possible the first time around. We understand all the details that must be followed and can help ensure your application has the appropriate supporting documents.

Answering All Your Questions

Contact an experienced Ann Arbor lawyer if you are interested in applying for a Green Card, or if you have questions about the renewal process. We provide the answers you need.